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Heat Treatment for Bed bugs in London

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What is Heat Treatment?

RM Pestokill Heat Treatment Solution is the only method which kills all life stages of bedbugs and other insects and the only treatment which gets rid of any insect in a matter of hours.

We raise the temperature of the property above 50oC, which is the kill zone temperature for all insects. The treatment takes between 5 - 8 hours depending in the property size. All jobs are 100% guaranteed, regardless of how bad the infestation is. Prices start from only £400 and you will be pest free within one day.

Our Heat Treatment specialists will always be on site to monitor the temperature and insure the heat reaches all areas of the property.

Should I do Heat Treatment?

Many people opt for the traditional spray treatment which is cheaper. However, if the infestation is large, cost can go into the hundreds more as you may need to replace the bed, mattress, wardrobe, etc. In extreme cases, some customers have had to replace wallpaper and flooring due to bedbugs living in-between the wallpaper and wall and their eggs.

Heat Treatment is a much safer practice and reduces the need of chemicals used. It insures that your family, pets and/or tenants will not be harmed by any chemicals. Also with a spray treatment, clothes have to be removed from wardrobe, which can be very stressful. With RM Pestokill Heat Treatment, you can leave the clothes where they are, which saves you time and the hassle.

Benefits of Heat Treatment

There are a number of benefits for using heat treatment, here are a few:

  • Bedbugs Eliminated in One Day
  • Only method which kills all stages of Bedbugs and other insects, including their eggs.
  • Safer way of treating a pest
  • Saves Money and Time

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