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Termite Pest Control Services in London

We offer professional termite extermination and pest control across London and surrounding counties. As part of our service, we also provide termite proofing with a one-year guarantee

Termite Control

We certainly give a termite affected household or office better than any other service provider because we have the best knowledge and highly qualified workforce in house. Along with this, we use the best pesticides and highly progressive infrared technology to finish the white ants completely. Normally known as white ants, termites are dangerous enough to hollow all the wooden structures of your house/workplace.

Termite control needs excellent and visionary strategy to ensure that your house or workplace is safe against these destructive little creatures. We at, RM Pesto Kill focus on adopting latest technology and smartly planned procedure to finish the termites from root. Our smartly developed and included termite control solutions are well-organized enough to solve the problem fully.

  • Quick Response to all Customer
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Full Eradication of termites
  • No Residue Left Over
  • Emergency Services also Available
  • Safe & agency-approved methods

Wood Borer and Beetle Treatment

Wood-boring beetles include several peoples of beetles whose larvae feed on wood and wood products. A Wood-boring beetle's play a significant ecological role by tunnelling through dead and decaying wood to aid in decomposition. Wood borers are wood damaging insect that invade and damage structural and furniture wood based on the type and moisture content of the wood.

The quantity of damage that wood boring beetles cause depends on many factors. For active wood boring beetle infestation we deal Effective treatment using chemicals for spraying and brushing treatment. All wooden furniture and fixtures containing those attached to the wall are treated with care.


Anti-Treatment is to create an organic barrier to deny entry of termites. Termite termination processes are one of our utmost vital services presented to our customers. We deliver anti termite solutions to our customers both after the construction is complete and before construction is undertaken. They make beds, sofas and chairs risky to use as the bites caused to human beings are very tender and causes instant swelling of the bitten area. Termite Extermination processes are carried out by us by spraying valuable anti termite fluids on the infected parts of our house. Post Construction anti termite treatments is deal out by us with the help of chemicals and sprays, whereas in the Pre-Construction phase, early safety can be taken by using anti termite resources for construction purposes.

Pre & Post Contruction Anti Termite Treatment

We offer pre- and post- construction anti termite treatment services for all types of commercial and residential properties. We know that every task is different but they all leave a lot of dust behind. Our team knows that you have invested so much time, money and energy in your remodeling or building your new office space and we are certain that you will want your final performance to be clean and beautiful.Treating termites before creation starts can assist you defend against possible claims in the future. Construction design for several tasks requires safety for termite in their finishing and several others request termite free environment.

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